Art and Car Wreckage

I first found out about art cars years ago from some site or other. Then I went and found several sites and pictures of very assorted art cars. Tonight I found a link to Cars in Barns. You just know I can’t resist a site about abandoned wreckage. I’m already planning my next adventure into derelict buildings. This time I will go inside, all those little creatures can just bite me. Well, they can try. I will bring something to scare them away. I hope.

Anyway, here are some car art examples from Burning Man.

How would you decorate your car? Assuming it didn’t have to be entirely road worthy, and you didn’t need to worry about picking up a truck load of children from soccer, etc. I’d make mine into a ladybug (vibrant red) with a garden on top. Think massive wooden violets, sweet william, tulips and so on, surrounded by a white picket fence. Maybe even a bird or some other creature sitting on my fence. I think I’d like a blue jay, not just any wussy bird.

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