Are you Timid about Moderating Comments?

What About Blog is posting about comment moderation. Not about spam comments but those who post something negative, mean or abusive. Sure there is freedom of speech, on paper. On your own blog you should be the one to draw the line. Debate about a topic is one thing. Would you accept a comment that is not constructive but just obnoxious? It would be different if your blog was about debate, arguments and so on. That kind of blog pulls out arguments from the readers.

In the case of my own blog I do not accept obnoxious comments. Why should I? This is my blog, my little web empire. I don’t have to be excessively fair or nice to someone who comes and attacks me. I moderate the junk comments (those posting for the sake of sticking me with their link and nothing else) and I also have no guilt about moderating aggressive and obnoxious comments.

I seldom get such comments but there have been a few over the years I have been here. I used to have a regular reader who enjoyed a sarcastic witty banter. That was fun, once we both understood that was what it was. I miss HappyandBlue and wish he would show up again, surprise me. 🙂 I check his old blog links now and then but he is never there.

Anyway, do you feel obligated to post every negative comment? Where do you draw the line on which comments you accept and which you do not? If you do post them all is it because you have that idea that nice girls never say no? Maybe that is something you should rethink. After all, it’s your blog, you are in charge.

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