Are You a Survivalist?

endofworldgrrlI’ve been posting writing prompts to the Word Grrls blog awhile. I’m not sure what put the end of the world scenario into my brain but there it was.

If you were a kid during the Cold War times when we kept hearing about the bomb that was going to drop (from Russia, China or some other country behind the Iron Curtain) how does it still affect you? Even now that the Wall has gone do you just think the bomb (may as well call it that as anything else) will just be from another direction. Most of all, do you think you could be someone who would adapt and survive?

I’d like to survive, mainly just to see things in the changed civilization. But, I’d be really lucky in a glitchy way to stick around. I tend to pick up all kinds of odd illnesses, mostly virus stuff. So, my chances are about as great as the cockroach the first bomb lands on, nil to squished.

Here is the comment I made in Word Grrls. Would like to hear more thoughts about this and decided to post it here.

I remember it too, those years as a kid in the little grades, thinking about the bomb that was going to drop and end us all. Kind of a weird age to live in as a kid. I think even now that the wall has come down that feeling of impending possible doom is still hanging around. I guess it has just changed direction.

I’d take some food, mainly canned stuff and water. Some of that powder stuff you can pour in to make your water taste like lemonade cause I’d be sick of water pretty quick. I don’t like it much now.

I’d really need a lot of paper, pens, coloured markers and pencil crayons. Various books. Maybe a ton of those classics which I always mean to read (feel I should read) but haven’t so far.

Mostly, I’d like some way of staying alive long enough to see how things come back. I love reading those science fiction stories about how people get through disasters and rebuild. To live it would be really interesting. I don’t think I’m a very good survivalist though. I’d be dead pretty quick from asthma, allergies or some weird virus.

After posting this I found a blog called Suburban Survivalist. Another blog found through Entrecard.

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