Are We There Yet?

This week in WordCraft…

Are we there yet?

Isn’t is a good thing we have kids to remind us what’s important? How often do you look ahead and think of the time when you will be there? Where is there? If you aren’t really sure it’s time you made plans and put them in writing. Where do you want to be in your writing? Is it a career or a hobby? What’s your genre of choice, what’s your style? Fiction or non-fiction? Would you be happy as a freelance writer forever or would you like to become a publisher, a magazine editor, or someone who writes best selling romance novels or technical masterpieces known to only a select few?

Are you there yet?

What is there for you? How successful, famous, wealthy or happy do you need to be to be there? Which matters most? Is fame what will be there for you? Then you need to think about making yourself famous. Consider publicity, get your name known. If it’s wealth, then learn more about contracts, collecting your money and maybe using an agent. If it’s happiness that will be there for you… you’re on your own. Everyone has a different version of what makes them happy.

How do you get there?

What a silly question… you write yourself into it!

What if you’re already there and you just don’t see it?

Make a list of your achievements. Take time to get any you may have forgotten or don’t think of as all that great. Now, think of where you were when you decided you wanted to write. Would that list seem impressive? Could you be closer to being there than you thought? If not, make plans. Decide what you need to do to get on track and stay there until you get there.

Happy writing.

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