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I applied for a topic to write with When ever I look at writing jobs, particularly staff writers for a publisher with some prestige, I like to see what they look for in writers. It’s a good idea to see how you measure up, find areas you could improve in and research more about.

When working with potential Topic Writers, we look for the following:

Writing Ability: A strong writer whose content is not only informative and factual, but compelling enough to make readers want to see more. We have an expectation that Topic Writers can self-edit, so we’ll be looking for writing that is free of spelling and grammar errors.

Web Savvy:: Someone who grasps the idea of formatting for the Web, whether from prior experience or from our guidance. We expect writers to organize their content into clear, easy-to-understand sections with effective use of bold and bulleting. We also expect our writers to have a good sense of when and where to link to other related content. Candidates who have a good command of blogging and social media will have an advantage.

Topic Expertise: An expert in the topic with the ability to cover the basics with ease and the passion to research anything they don’t already know.

A Desire to Educate: A teacher who can communicate the basics of the topic to a neophyte audience in a way that’s not only easy for a novice to understand, but interesting, too.

Passion: Someone whose passion for the topic motivates them to write in-depth about something they love. Writing for is a long-term investment of time and energy, and those who treat the job as a labor of love tend to do best.

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