Answering the Phone

My brother brought me a surprise answering machine. I don’t know if it will work with my phone. It is a good idea though. I don’t have anything else to take phone messages. Might even cut down on all the times I answer garbage calls.

If I get it working the next trick will be creating a phone answering message. Instead of trying not to make a really annoying or nerdy message I think I will plunge right in and make it as dorky as I can.

I don’t have enough outlets for everything I have connected to the phone line. The computer is already using one plug for the powerbar and the phone itself is in the other one. There is not even one extra slot in my powerbar to add the answering machine to. So, I will have to make a trip to Zellers tomorrow and pick up an extension cord or one of those smaller things that acts like a splitter. Not sure how safe that is. I don’t like having so many things plugged into one wall outlet. But, I only have one functional phone jack in the basement. It looks like there was another one but it is missing wires.

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