Another Laura

Does it catch your eye to see another person with your same first name? I always feel curious to know a bit about them, wonder if we have anything in common. Is there something to all that theoretical predictions about people’s names, their lives and their personalities?

Today I found a post about a Laura. She’s deceased and she liked shells and beach glass. I like walking along the beach and looking for those little, unique treasures too. I pick up small fossils as well. This Laura was born in February, not my birth month but she is close to my date. I’m the 19th and she is the 18th. Her year is 1967 so she is younger than I am and already dead for five years. That’s sad.

A quote from James, who was writing about Laura:

I’ve thought of using the Oscar Wilde quote, “The mystery of love is greater than the mystery of death.” But, I don’t know. Love for Laura wasn’t that great a mystery. She was pretty easy to love.

That was a nice thing to have said about another Laura.

Try looking up people with your same name online. See who you find. Anyone you would enjoy getting to know? Anyone interested in things you would also like to know more about? Maybe someone near enough to meet for coffee? Maybe another writer?

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