Another Get Rich Quick Scheme

You buy some weird, unique yet interesting, looking antique jar at the flea market. It’s a bit icky so you give it a wash in the sink and then dry it by hand just so it won’t be streaky. As you walk around looking for just the right spot to put it… smoke begins leaking out of the thing. You’re quick to put it down and step back.

The lid pops off, there’s more smoke and out floats a genie. You’ve heard of these things but never actually took them seriously.

She smiles, thanks you for getting out of that cramped jar and explains about how her original bottle was destroy by some damned dog a century or so ago. Anyway, she is quite pleased to offer you the mandatory three wishes. But, they must all be used within the hour as she has “places to go and people to see”. Whatever that means to an immortal genie type person.

What would you wish for? Would you do the humanitarian thing and wish for world peace and all that gunk?

I wouldn’t. I’d do the selfish thing and wish for wealth, skinniness and world domination. Just the little things.

Anyway, I’m still looking for just the right jar at the flea market. At times I think it really is out there somewhere. Likely I will have to wrestle some frail older woman for it. Or, even more likely I’ll buy the wrong one and someone else will take home my genie.

Oh well, I still have this blog to spin wild fantasies in.

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