Another Day of Fresh Snow

It’s late. Silly to still be up this late. But here I am.

Working the evening shift is ok. But I can’t get to sleep when I get home. My brain perks up soon after I walk in the door. I tried to avoid coffee tonight. But now I’m just hungry and thirsty. There doesn’t seem to be a win-win situation, so far. I’m working on it. Buttermilk the other night would have been almost an ideal solution. But, so often, when I buy butter milk it is curdled even though it has plenty of time before it expires. It’s not drinkable when it all comes out in chunks. As great as it is when it’s fresh I just can’t make myself drink it when it’s curdled and lumped up.

So, I’m trying to come up with a new plan. Something that doesn’t keep me awake and yet helps so I’m not going to bed hungry and dying of thirst. Like tonight.

More snow today. Anyone want some?

I think I’m getting tired enough now. It’s a minute to 4:am so that’s a good thing. I could be up in two more hours and catch the first Barrie transit bus into town, get breakfast at McDonald’s, fall asleep at the table, get mistaken for a street person and tossed out. Then I’d have to wander the downtown streets of Barrie looking for a place to nap until 3:00 when I get to start work.

I think I’ll skip that plan and just sleep till 10:00.

Nightie night.

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