Annoyingly Subject to Word Verification

I can’t read your word verification. Likely this comment won’t get posted which is annoying after I took the time to type it.

How many people do you annoy by using word verification (of any kind) on your blog readers? How many comments have not even been made just because you demand they type an annoying code they can’t read, or choose not to bother with?

In my case, I don’t use anything but moderation. That means I approve comments before they are posted. It’s a simple thing and it works. What really does tick me off are sites where I am expected to use the word verification and they moderate comments too. One or the other should be sufficient. Why am I wasting my time and patience typing in word verification if you (the blogger/ site owner) are still holding it back to approve anyway?

You may think word verification isn’t a big deal, but I hate it. I usually will not leave a comment when it is being used.

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