This was fun in a weird way.

1. Think of your favorite animal. Write down three words that describe why this is your favorite animal, without using physical characteristics. For example if your favorite animal was a frog, one of your reasons could not be “green.” If your favorite animal was a fox, some reasons could be “clever, fast, resourceful.”

2. Now imagine yourself in a white room. The walls, ceiling, and floor are white. There is no furniture or other objects, and there are no windows or doors, or any other way to get out of here. Write three separate words describing how you feel in this room.

3. Now you are at a waterfall with a blind/deaf man. Write three words that you would use to describe the waterfall to this man.


The three words that you used to describe your favorite animal also describe how you want others to see you.

The words that you used to describe the all-white room also describe how you see death.

The words that you used to describe the waterfall also describe how you feel about love.

I picked dragon as the animal: powerful, wise and mystical. The white room was trapped, blank and pure. The waterfalls was thundering, wet and rushing.

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