An Optical Allusion

I was trying to clean my glasses, that clear plastic nose piece that always seems to get blue grunge in it. Usually I get it out with soap and water and a lot of swishing around. But, one side has been lose for awhile so I thought I would just pull it right out and give it a better cleaning. I did wonder about getting it back in but the mad scientist part of my brain assured me I could, of course. But, I can’t. So now my glasses are cleaner but sitting kind of lopsided on my face. Being this close to Xmas my brother thinks some stores will be closing early. I’m pretty sure he is wrong. I worked in a store afterall and I especially remember the shifts which went on and on and on until 11:00 at night that last week of Xmas shopping. But, it may be that the places dealing in glasses will be closed early. Sherry and Graham think so anyway. So I’m having an optical allusion today, I did it to myself too so that’s one good thing about it. I remember another Xmas where my glasses were broken by someone else and I had everyone giving me their opinions about how they were unfixable and I’d never find someone available to fix them and it would cost a fortune… I did get them fixed, free, that time too.

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