An Evening Date Tomorrow

A date tomorrow at Bloor and Spadina, meeting at the coffee shop. Seems that is a popular location for dates to meet. It has been for me at least. I don’t know if I ever would have been there but for meeting dates. It does have some interesting buildings but there are other places higher on my list still. I think I will get out early tomorrow and get some photos. I might even try that side street on Bloor, if it doesn’t look too spooky. I don’t mean ghost spooky, I mean real living people spooky. I still don’t know which are ok areas to be walking around alone with a camera. Downtown Toronto has a LOT more homeless and bummy looking people than I remember it having when I was taking day trips down here as a kid. Maybe a kid just sees less but I don’t think so. I’ve always been kind of spooked by people who look grungy, like an abandoned human being. Not very trust worthy. Not that how someone looks makes them more or less trust worthy but it does make me feel they are more accountable for their actions. If you have little left to lose you likely have fewer reasons to behave civillay.

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