An Avalanche

Some people collect belly button lint and dust bunnies. Maybe that’s enough adventure and discovery for some people. I like to collect other things. Actually, I don’t collect belly button lint at all and the dust bunnies seem to collect me, on their own.

I began collecting postcards when I wrote to other young people around the world. I still have almost all of those. Later I asked family to send me postcards when they went anywhere. My Dad traveled on business now and then too so I had some from places that weren’t just vacation spots. My Dad collected stamps and he would sometimes take my letters and confiscate the stamps. Now and then he did this before I had even read the letter.

At some point I began with the idea of collecting coins. I had offers to send me all sorts of things, whatever would fit into an envelop and go through the mail. I think I still have some of those too. But, my siblings liked them too. They just didn’t understand that the money wasn’t very spendable over here in Canada. Of course, they didn’t let that bother them. Later I began collecting old Canadian coins and I do still pick up a set now and then. I have the set of never used coins from the year I was born, 1964. I was pretty impressed with those cause that was the year they changed the picture of the Queen on the back. She got older the year I was born.

I also like china posy bowls. I began keeping those when I got one from my Aunt Sally. I can’t remember now if she gave it to me or if I was given it in some other way. Anyway, that was how that got started. I have five of them now.

My family would say I collect books. They complain about how many books I have quite often and for any reason what so ever. Usually this comes up when connected with moving, yet again.

I collect addresses too. If that’s a real collection. I’ve lost count of how many addresses I’ve had. There’s a reason I called my BackWash column Bewitching Vagabond.

I try not to collect other things but things seem to creep up on me and become collected. Other people think I will like something and then give these things to me. I always feel obligated to keep them, these treasures. Most of the time I like them, but sometimes I feel like I’m being buried alive under a lot of really nice stuff.

Do you feel obligated to keep things people have given you? Especially something someone has made or if it’s something they truly treasure themselves and really feel you would too.

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