Air in the Wrong Places

I can feel the back of my neck, it has air on it. There shouldn’t be air on it. Well, not enough to be noticeable. But there is it, all light and airy and just a bit cold on the back of my neck and down the curve of my back. Hair should be there. But instead I’ve got a receding hairline beginning at the ends of my hair and working it’s way up. I miss my hair. True, it was a cheap haircut. Try to find a decent haircut for $8 including tax. But, it’s very short. Even shorter than the last time I thought it was very short. I want my hair back. Just glue it back on. Please.

PS- I’m not going to draw my doodle grrl with short hair, this is a one and only upon request. Doodle grrl gets to be thin and have long hair just like stick grrl Barbie.

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