Aggravation is Electronic

This is my third time trying to make a post here today. It’s not turning out to be a great day in the computer world today, for me. My own computer can not connect to the Internet. I think the off and on storms we had yesterday fried my DSL modem. Netscape wants me to think it’s a Bell thing. I’m not that newbie. Anyway, here I am using my Mom’s new cable connection. It downloads very fast but for some things it’s just the same as the old fashioned dial up connection I had for so many years.

Anyway, I was posting here using my Mom’s MS IExplorer. It crashed twice but sent one of those kindly error reports to the Mother Ship first. Do I believe Microsoft actually reads all of those? I might. I’m optimistic after all.

After the second aggravating crash I decided to dump IExplorer and add Firefox to my Mom’s computer. So far, so good.

Paul posted his theory about ending world hunger, in his blog. I added my own theory, an extension of his actually. It’s not for everyone, some people are squeamish about slavery after all. But, if you have to take in 24 people (in order to end world hunger) wouldn’t it make sense to put them to work? Really, think about it, it’s a win-win situation. For our wireless, disposable, fast paced lifestyle what could be better than having slaves to do all the chores while you’re out saving the world from… Net newbies, small minded people, and ummm other disasters.

Wouldn’t you like to stop world hunger? I bet it would go a long way on the whole world peace thing too.

I seem to be moving this Monday. Tentatively, until the next thing goes wrong. My phone should be hooked up down there today. I’d give you my number but I lost track of where I wrote it down. Oh well, think of all the crank calls I will miss this way.

I need to decide what I will do for an Internet connection. I don’t think I will stay with Netscape when I move. Bell Sympatico seems to have a cheaper DSL plus that would give me my phone and Internet on the same bill which is kind of nice in a paper saving way.

I don’t remember what else I wrote about the other two times I posted. It’s all just gone, never to be seen againg, if ever.

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