I had a great day yesterday.

The Tim Hortons I remembered from the last time I was lost but it was a LOT farther than I thought. I drove almost up to the lake. It was actually in Keswick. I stopped in Canadian Tire cause that was right there too. I bought some practical rust inhibitor for my car and the pretty impractical sewing machine. It’s pretty small but it was $40 compared to the $400 one that someone stole when I moved back here.

After all that driving I never did go to that Tim Hortons. They had it cut off in the parking lot so you had to go back on the highway and then spin around really fast to get into their driveway. Instead I had lunch at the Swiss Chalet across the street. Nice lunch at just the time before the lunch crowd started. Very peaceful and I enjoyed sitting in the sunny window.

On the way back I took a detour or two just to see where they went. I considered going home as I got back that way but instead I drove right past the house and went to Uxbridge for groceries and a Tim Hortons coffee there.

Other than the groceries which I needed anyway and the sewing machine the whole trip cost just over $20, including gas. Pretty nice day and I had the radio cranked up the whole ride. Windows down too cause it was beautiful outside after all our snow and ice.

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