After Death

People wonder about what happens after you die. It is the last unexplored territory really. Everyone gets there but no one knows anything about it. Everything we have is just theory.

So, to save time, I have decided to know what happens after death. (Think of all the time I can spend doing something other than wondering about it all now!)

I have concluded, after much careful consideration and other legal mumbling, that those of us who were good (I can’t even be nasty when I try!) will get to do all the fun things we always wanted to do but were too good to really just go ahead and do in life. In short, I will be a useless yet very famous rock goddess. I will sing and people will give me buckets of cash, new cars, fancy clothes, the latest in computer gadgetry and beg me to sign autographs (of course I will have a rubber stamp created). I will have all the fame and fortune I have not had in this goodie goodie life.

So, there you go. Now you know. All that goodness pays off in the end. What a relief!

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