Advice to Blog Writers and Readers

I’ve been trying to read the blogs as I drop cards through Entrecard. That’s why I am commenting more and then coming back here with it when I think I wrote something I’d actually like to remember myself. This comment I posted to Temerity Jane, in a post about lying to your blog readers and trying to make yourself out to be a blog star. Makes me think of someone (more than one) who began calling himself an “Internet Personality”. What does that really mean? It’s just BS, designed to blow up their own ego. At the end of her post Temerity Jane asked her readers to post their best advice for bloggers and readers. Mine follows:

I think we need to remember that we are people, both the readers and the bloggers. When you write be true to who you are. Don’t go too far with the idea of writing to an audience. If you aren’t writing to yourself it’s going to be meaningless.

Readers are looking for all kinds of things when they come to a blog. There is no way you can be what everyone wants so don’t try. Organize your content so it is easy for readers to read and find. Try to declutter your sidebar and keep the blog looking clean. Keep the content as the focus not the gadgets. (I’m not the best example there cause I enjoy the gadgets and avatars for myself).

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