Advice Column Writer

I think I would have enjoyed being an advice column writer. But, I’m not sure I would have been able to see things from every point of view, predicted every reaction and then been comfortable telling people what to do and have the responsibility for whatever happens, the fall out. That’s a bit scary. As an advice column writer you want to do more good than harm and yet, you can only know as much as you are told in one letter. There is always more to a situation and hidden details that could change your whole point of view (and the advice you would give) if you knew more.

Of course, that’s why most advice columnists (if not all of them) write a statement pretty much explaining they are not omnipotent and can’t take responsibility for whatever happens to people who take their advice. It does sound like a bit of a cop-out. Here you are, giving advice and then telling people you aren’t responsible for it. However, it would be stupid not to have that kind of statement. There is no way one advice columnist (especially those who tend to give pretty biased advice) can know every eventuality and accept blame for whatever happens.

Still, it would be an interesting writing job. I’d do it. I think I would even give good, sensible advice. Unless I was having a bad day, got a bit too cocky and full of my own powers or became angry and then lost my perspective.

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