– Design and download free banners in seconds!

This is interesting. Anything free interests me. I’m simple that way.

But, I’ve been making my own banners for years. Sometimes I even had them animated… and you thought I was simple! I don’t know if there is anything here I’d like enough to have another site’s URL on the banner for my own site. I don’t mind spreading the site promotion around but somethings should be kept sacred, like your site’s banner.

Of course, that’s not stopping me from looking around.

Addendum: (Pretty fancy word, eh?, I wasn’t an office manager for endless years for nothing!) I looked at the sample banners. They are all geared to commercial sites, kind of spammy looking I thought. The site where I found a link to the AdDesigner site did not have a spammy looking banner. So, you can do an indepth investigation if you choose to register with the site. I chose not to. I did my quota of registering for sites today.

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