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I run one adult themed blog. It’s mainly for myself, a place to keep things that I wouldn’t post to other sites. Basically, it’s another niche site, but the content happens to be about sex and erotica. Today I moderated a spam comment which I feel is pretty gross. It gives a link to a site selling sex toys. I will cut and paste the comment in but I’m not linking to the site.


This made me realize I don’t have an adult content warning on my adult blog now. I had it up on Blogger where they automatically add the warning. So I began to look for adult content warning information online. I wanted to know what to write and then I was going to decide where to put it on the site. Instead I found a plugin which will work, bring up the warning as a pop up. This is perfect. It won’t be something else I need to fit into the sidebar. Plus, it will stand out and not be missed when someone enters my site.

What I do find interesting (and backwards) is how few adult content plugins there were (one). Also, when I began looking for information all the posts were about how to remove adult content warnings from sites. In most cases if an automatic adult content warning comes up there is a legitimate reason. Blogger wasn’t doing it just for kicks.

For Canadians I found a site, CyberTips, which asks people to report children being abused online. If you find a site trying to sell to minors, etc. It’s about protecting children and stopping child pornography. What it doesn’t seem to have is a way for those who run adult sites to know what they should or should not do. I guess we are left to our own judgement, which is why people are trying to remove adult content warnings rather than making sure they have them up.

Last point, the site which was linked to in the comment spam this morning has an adult content warning. Hidden at the bottom of the site and it doesn’t really say much. But, it does claim to be in compliance with the US laws. Is it really though? Or are the laws not tight enough in their protection of children? What do you think about adult content online?

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