Add a Blog Review to your Email Signature

Another reason to get someone to give your blog a fabulous review: promotion of your blog in your email or web forum signature.

Email signatures are very underused. Even my own just has the bare essentials with links to this site and which is part landing page and part shop of curiousities for me. What I could do is add a review of my blog. I do have one. It is old and a bit messy from all the dust bunnies running around on my hard drive, but, it was a good review with humour and a fair description of my blog content. However, as old as it is, I think I will pester someone to write me a new one.

It is essential that the review include a description of your blog, it’s purpose and content. Just a “nice blog” type of review isn’t saying enough. You really need to get someone clever, with a bit of evil genius to write something. Feed them with information about your blog and what you want in a review. Let them write a few quick lines or a whole review and then pick out one sentence or one quick point from it all to use as your review in the email signature.

Keep it short! One sentence or less. If the review is a bit long winded chop it down to the best part and use quotes and punctuation to show that it is just touching on all the great things that were said in the full review.

Should you add a link back to the reviewer? That is something to consider. I think it is better to post the review to your blog with thanks to the reviewer and a link back to any (maybe not all) sites he or she has, especially if they are relevant to the review or your own site. I don’t think it is a good plan to link to the reviewer in your email signature. First, the extra space it would consume and secondly, you want the focus on your own blog in the limited time you have to catch the interest of anyone reading your signature.

Note: The idea for this post came from: Quips and Tips for Successful Writers: 6 Ways to Promote Your Blog or Books with Your Email Signature. A blog review was #4 on her list.

You don’t need to be a published author or experienced freelance writer to share a positive review of your blog or Web site! If someone has mentioned your blog in a positive light – even just one or two words of praise – consider adding that to your email signature.

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