“About Us”

“About Us” — Presenting Information About an Organization on Its Website (Jakob Nielsen’s Alertbox)

I read Jakob Nielsen’s top ten website mistakes. None of them really impressed me. I’ve seen it all as an editor, reviewing submissions for Dmoz. What really irks me as just another warm body looking at a site is the lack of contact information on most sites now. Everyone has given into paranoia about privacy and fraud. It is harder and harder to find a way to contact a company or site owner. Often I just wanted to comment about some small thing. No big loss for me. However, in putting up a site I would assume corporations want to be accessible to consumers. What good is all that information if consumers can’t give or get feedback or more information should they have questions or problems.

Anyway, I liked this page of Nielsen’s site. A guide to About Us pages. You also need to know fresh ideas about having contact information in ways that foil those who want to abuse it. I have done something like that on my own site. But, in my case, I’m not selling anything. Sure, my services but no one has ever asked for those. I have to get out there and get myself working, it doesn’t come to me.

Anyway, seems I just typed that… Happy site designing!

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