A Sign of Twitters To Come?

The Love Ogre has made a home for itself on Twitter.

I’m a real person or ogre trying to help spread a little happiness and love advice from my own life.

As quoted from the Love Ogre’s response to a Twitter post. I think it’s a good use of the Twitter forum. A live question and answer advice feed. It doesn’t link to a blog in the profile, it is all on Twitter and only on Twitter as far as I can tell. A throw back to when people made webpages and didn’t cover them with ads. When the web was still free and the deers and the antelope roamed. A bit over done on that last part maybe. But I did get a little happy and nostalgic seeing this Twitter in my contacts tonight. It’s like when everyone still put up a page for the sake of creating something, just putting something out there and not expecting anything back.

Good luck Love Ogre. Now, will you answer my question?…

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