A Room of One’s Own

Relax, breathe and think… about a room of your own. It could be a one room house, cut off from everyone else or it could be one room in a house with only one door keeping the masses out. It could be just a bathroom, just a reading room. just a home office or a whole house of your own in a one room shack. (Some of those shacks are pretty deluxe).

Think about your one room, a place of your own, for just your things, your hobbies, your passions and your luxuries. You can choose to open the door and let in family and friends or you can hide away and just be a hermit from the world for awhile. Design your one room, think about the furniture, flooring, windows, or maybe it’s just a bare room with nothing at all in it to clutter up the bare floor and walls.

Keep your room design with you for those times when you really need that place of your own, a secret, quiet, get-away.

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