A Poke at Fairytale Princesses

Francesca Simon wrote “Don’t Cook Cinderella” for kids. I picked the book up just for the title and the picture on the book cover. A Witch, in full black hat and gown, is holding Cinderella up by one ankle over a bubbling black cauldron.

Written on the back cover:

Fairytale goodies and baddies at school together: Miss Good Fairy is teaching Hansel and Gretel, Cinderella, Snow White and their classmates to read and write, while Miss Bad Fairy is urging her evil pupils to gobble them all up. But Wicked Witch, Troll, Big Bad Wolf, the Ugly Sisters and the rest are in for a shock.

A little light reading if you need something less serious and simple. It’s written for kids and I did buy it for my neice, her birthday is this month. But, I really bought it for the book’s cover. It is a little taunt to all those perfect fairytale Princesses. Write something of your own as a poke at the stereotypical fairytale. How would you write about the usual characters and make us see them in a new way?

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