A Photo Lasts Longer

It’s funny to think that a digital photograph can last longer than a house made of bricks, steel and concrete.

I was looking at photos of abandoned and derelict places on Flickr. Some of the locations are places I have been and a few are places which are now gone. The photos remain. Doesn’t it seem odd that something as flimsy and intangible as a photo is all that is left from something as strong and large as a house?

Have you ever taken a photo of something you wanted to keep but could not keep around for reasons of storage, allergies, time and space? It is a good idea. We threw out a few things that were hard to let go after taking photos of them. It made it easier to let go. You can keep the memories yet let go of the item itself. A good thing when you have too much clutter and need more space for yourself.

Write about taking a photo of the house (or place) you grew up in. What decisions do you make about where to stand, what angle to take the photo from and what time of day you want to capture in your photographs. What do you remember as you take the photos? What little things do you move it to photograph up close?

Flickr: Ontario Rural Ruins

Flickr: Canadian Rural Exploration

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