A Non-Nurturing Relationship

“Could you please get your tentacle out of the dishwasher?”

I like to talk to the plants while I water them. I’m not always gracious or particularly sweet. Especially right now when they are taking over the kitchen as I water them for their Spring revival. Too soon to put them outside but they can have water again and try to live. They are almost all my Mother’s plants actually. My best pet is a cat. It can fend for itself. I wouldn’t want any other pet, I don’t want something that has to rely on me to survive. Not even a plant. I make exceptions for the perennials outside all year. I can forget to nurture them until the weather clears up. Even then they forgive me each Spring and put on another great show.

What kind of plant are you babysitting through from winter to spring, if any? If you don’t have a plant what do you look after, other than yourself? Do you like having something depend on you or have you never really put much thought into that aspect of the relationship?

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