A Little Weirdness

Someone (all I know is that he/ she is American) has made comments in blogs linking to my blog and using my name. Strange.

I only found this due to that link back thing I added a couple of weeks ago. I followed a couple of them and found myself (yet not me) posting comments in blogs I’ve never been to. The way the comments were written was not what I would have written, even using words I would have avoided as I skip anything I’m not at least 50% sure how to spell. (I get braver when my dictionary isn’t packed away and located at least three hours away as the crow flies).

Anyway, it’s interesting. Will there be fall out from this? Who knows.

The real question is … Why?

I’ve decided the mystery commentor just admires me THAT much. Much better than imagining silliness about people being out to get me. As if that would ever happen!

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