A Little Light Slacking

I feel like I’m endlessly head butting a wall, or trying to roll a huge rock up a hill. I’ve had this blog and this domain since 2006, or there abouts. Others seem to have made far more progress in far less time. I think it’s something about me. It must be, I’m the only one here.

Thank you to those who do come and read regularly, or now and then. Thank you to those who comment now and then.

This is not a swan song. I’m not closing down this blog, but I am not going to continue with daily posting. (As you may have noticed the last couple of weeks have not had daily updates). I need to pull back and decide where I’m going and what I want from all the time and energy I’ve been putting into this site all these years. Plus, I’m just feeling a bit tired of all that endless head butting and rock rolling. You can only keep going uphill so long before you need a break, some cold water and a chance to feel you’ve at least made some kind of progress on the hill in front of you.

PS – I’ve also begun to wonder if I was wrong about removing tags. So they are back, sort of. They are a mess, a bigger mess than they used to be even. I used a WordPress plugin to re-add tags mechanically/ automatically. So they aren’t all useful and won’t all make sense. A lot of them will be pretty useless I’m sure. Tags are still something I would gladly ignore. They create far too much work. But, over time I have seen my traffic peter down to about 2/3 of what it usually is. Of course, that could be my own growing lack of enthusiasm showing up in how and what I post. So there is no firm conclusion on the tag situation, but they are back. Sort of.

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