A Good News Day

I had a call to come in to interview for a job with the store I used to work for, but not as a cashier this time. They are looking for someone to work on the gift registeries across Toronto or at least for that big downtown Bay store on Queen Street. Good luck to me.

Also, I am looking forward to having that insurance money, though I am giving most of it as rent for this place, I will have enough to pay off the credit card. That will be really sweet! I will have one less bill to pay each month. Unless I use it for something of course. Still, even if I use it I won’t be paying anything if I pay it off before the end of the month. It’s do-able. Though I think I will avoid using it once I have it off my back.

Last of all I just had an email from the friend of my brother’s who has my income tax stuff. He has it ready to be printed and sent in. Just needed a bit more information. I hope none of the stuff from when I was in the US will fluff things up. It would be so nice to have that done and get some cheques from that too. I will actually get a GST refund cheque, I’ve never been on the list for that even.

Funny how a few things can all happen on one day. It was a frigid day out there. I still need to go back to the Zellers on Danforth and return that spoiled cream. I usually seem to have bad luck with the cream I buy there. The expiry date is for March but here we are in early February and it’s curdled. I only used it once before it went bad.

Found a nice background image which I’ve added here. The colours aren’t quite my thing but the design is.

This morning I had a waterfall in here. It woke me up which was a good thing as it was pouring from the ceiling, through one of the pot lights and coming down just a few inches away from my TV and the wooden tv tray it sits on. Could have been ruined if I hadn’t woken up and moved everything away. The upstairs people had a sink overflowing. I don’t know how long it was pouring. I had time to move everything, get dressed and consider whether I should call my brother or just go upstairs and pound on their door first. I ended up taking the direct route and pounded on their door. Took awhile for her to answer but I think she realized she forgot the water when she heard me at the door. What if I handn’t been home? I did plan to go out early this morning. If I had done that I would have come back to a real flood.

Quite an interesting day. Sadly I got no writing done. But it wasn’t a bad day.

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