A Good Deed a Day

Could you do some kind of good deed each and every day? What is a good deed? Maybe you are already doing good deeds and not thinking of them, or really valuing the deeds you do.

I think the good deeds people do are interesting. How far outside of your comfort zone does a person need to go to accomplish a good deed? How is a good deed measured? Does a good deed only count if others know about it, do you need praise in order to feel good about doing good? Is a good deed worth more if you do it without acknowledgment or thanks of any kind?

A Good Deed a Day

One Good Deed Per Day

365 Days of Goodness

Operation Nice

Help Others

Write about a good deed you have done. Did you need to tell others about it? Did you need to be thanked? If you were not thanked did that bother you? What was the reaction to your good deed? Did you feel natural doing something good or did you feel out of place, or shy?

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