A Frustration of Errors AKA Happy at Last

miscellaneousI’ve been having trouble uploading graphics into my posts. It started awhile ago when I updated to another version of WordPress. I ignored it for awhile cause I wasn’t doing a lot of drawing at the time. Then I tried to fix it, no success. I couldn’t even figure out the problem. Each time I tried to upload a file I just got an error (roughly saying file not found).

Although I tried fixing it through WordPress settings I was only looking in the Media section. This past week I happened to wonder what was in Miscellaneous. Oddly enough, the only thing in Miscellaneous was the settings I needed to change to upload media files. Kind of a silly, backwards place to put that I think. Why not in Media Settings? At least I was finally able to upload media files again. I had a mini celebration and proceeded to draw about Miscellaneous and how awesome it can be.

I thought I was all set for uploading my drawings. I was wrong. When I tried to post my drawing I was blocked again. I had an error about some precondition thing. I asked for help in the CMF forum and Turnip found just what I needed. To make a long story short, it is working. Thanks to Turnip for the help!

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