A Final Push to One Word Blog Day

Another project from the broken links: One Word Blog Day. I’m not making that title a clickable link because there isn’t anything I can find to link it to. One Word Blog Day seems to have had it’s last day in 2008. Here are the original instructions (thanks to the Wayback Machine):

One Word Blog Day: Official Rules

One Word Blog Day is coming up; just two days left (June 30)! Time to get your dictionaries out and pick a word. Time for me to write out the official rules of participation. Ugh.

  • Your blog title must be “One Word Blog Day.” No cheating by writing other words in the title! I’m watching you…
  • Only one word can be written in the entry. Hence the title of this day. However, I will not oppose definitions, so long as they’re definitions of your one word.
  • If you plan to participate, comment on this blog entry. This will help to keep tabs on everyone, and it will help for the commenting spree that should ensue.
  • You do not have to link back to this website, but it would help. Your commenters might give you a giant “WTF?”
  • If you do link back here, please link to http://www.elysex.net/one-word-blog-day-official-rules/ so that your readers can read the rules and participate themselves!
  • Choose your words wisely. I chose “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” in an attempt to be witty for the first OWBD, and it ended up backfiring. Three other people chose the same word.
  • Flippin’ have fun!

That’s it, folks! Although it’s not an official rule, go on a commenting spree. The whole reason I created the day was because I got backlogged on websites that I needed to comment on. It’s easy to comment when you have only one word to read. Use that to your advantage!

What’s your one word… go ahead and pick one.

Today I’m going with push.

I need to push myself out the door today. I need to push myself through all the snow that fell over the weekend. I need to push myself to get to the business centre and then the library. I need to push myself not to buy Valentine’s chocolates even though they will likely be on sale somewhere this close to the big day. I need to push myself all year this year really. Push is a good word, but sadly, I can’t stand behind myself to actually push myself.

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