A Day Where…

I’m having a day where I’d like to bring all my books into the room with me, bring all my fabric, sewing notions and sewing machine too, maybe some coffee and chocolate too… then seal up the doorway of my room, permanently. I’d like to be walled up alive and left to just fade away on my own time, surrounded by my comforting things and the things I most like. Of course, the computer is already here. All my CD’s with games and assorted software for one who is possessed to write.

I did bring myself a fresh coffee and I dragged up a stack of books, all I could carry in one load and more than I can deal with in one sitting. I will scan some pictures, make longhand notes about other things I find. Likely there will be some more doodling trying to pass as cartooning/ drawing.

Maybe tomorrow I will feel more like being part of the world again.

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