A Day to Escape

escapistgrrlHow nice it would be to have a real day off from everything. Like stepping into a clean room and shutting the door on everything behind you.

The word for today is escape. I don’t know why. I’m not feeling there is anything I especially need to get away from. Just the usual pressures, disappointments and such. Maybe that’s what it is I want to escape from. A lighter day without all the usual. A day where you can step outside of the routine and be a different version of yourself. Someone who doesn’t have a lot to live up to, live with or live down. I have good days, most of my days are good days because I decide they will be. Today I’m feeling the allure of escapism.

I found a few interesting things. Do you know about escapology? Pro-Magic writes about escapology, the art of escaping, an escape artist. Watch videos on Busker Central.

I found The New Escapologist which sounds like a cross between escapology and escapism.

New Escapologist is a magazine for white-collar functionaries with escape on the brain. We offer practical exit strategies from demeaning day jobs and celebrate the ‘flight’ bit of ‘fight or flight’.

Each issue is a compendium of funny and practical essays on the subject of escape, through the lenses of economics, travel, psychology, philosophy and the arts. We promote freedom, anarchy and the absurd.

An art gallery called Escapism. An Art and Popular Culture wiki about Escapism.

Write your perfect escape. Would you go to a place or stay home and just block everything out?

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