A Bug Killed my Coffee!

It bugs me when you have a good cup of coffee, just slightly lukewarm now, and a fly has to die in it. Stupid bug! I would have finished my coffee but I looked down and there the idiot creature was, floating in my coffee. I will not mourn for the bug, just the coffee.

Monkey Daemon
Your MONKEY DAEMON represents a nature that is
admired, detail-oriented, and full of
curiosity. Some people might call you
self-absorbed. You like to plan ahead, and hone
your various talents to perfection.

What Animal Would Your Daemon Settle As?
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It’s odd that I get a monkey when monkeys are one of the few animals I dislike. They rate just a notch lower than dogs. Dog lovers: No, you will not convert me to dog love. If I wanted a creature to slobber on me, shed everywhere, require constant babysitting, give me allergies, bite my family or do other obnoxious things I would get a dog, for sure.

This was part of the quiz:

Which occupation appeals to you the most?

So hard to choose. The only one that doesn’t appeal to me is actor. I picked writer cause I do love writing and it would give me a chance to do most of the rest, if not all.

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