#3 Thursday Thirteen – Living after the Collapse of Civilization

Thirteen Things to save if civilization ended and we all had to exist in the rubble.

1. A tonne of books, some of those classical literature things I’ve always meant and had good intentions about for so long along with the science fiction, hopeless romances and cosy mysteries.

2. My hope chest. My Grandfather made it for me.

3. All my sheet sets and blankets and quilts. Even if I could find more they just wouldn’t be the same. I have soft dark neon pink sheets which I’ve only used once so far. I have a deep, dark red quilt I found cheap at a thrift store. Also, the beautiful pink, green and white flowered quilt I bought myself when I had my first full time job.

4. Pens, pencil crayons, and plain white lined and unlined paper. I would like to keep drawing, no matter how ungreat my drawing is.

5. A generator or three and my computer. I just can’t see myself writing articles, journals, stories and my blog (yes, that too) in longhand now that I have had a love affair with the word processor so many years. It would be such a hardship to go back to writing by hand.

6. Tonnes of seeds, cuttings, bulbs and so on so I could keep my favourite flowers, trees, fruits and vegetables growing.

7. Cocoa powder (tonnes of it) cause I must have chocolate and I think all the other forms of it would not have enough shelf life.

8. I would liberally take all kinds of coffee beans from the Second Cup and Williams coffee shops. I want all those rich, smooth flavours of vanilla and caramel. I’d need a lot!

9. The digital camera. I’d even get a few spare from stores which would be abandoned once civilization collasped. Might as well have a camera if I have the computer.

10. All my favourite computer games and their most updated versions.

11. Crochet hooks, sewing needles, yarn, fabric, thread, my sewing machine and all the other accessories.

12. Some people. Possibly random, and some family. Anyone who bugged me too much would be thrown off the island though.

13. A taser, old fashioned stocks and whatever else I might need to help remind all those people that I am the world dominatrix/ leader of the island now. Anyone who forgets will be given a not so subtle reminder.

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