3 Easy Ways to Make your Content more Engaging

These aren’t rocket science but it’s good to keep the simple things in mind. Don’t take them for granted and begin to forget how important they are.

1. – Connect with your readers. Put something of yourself into whatever you are writing about. This is why you need to know your topic, at least enough to have some experience to talk about it. By bringing something of your own opinions and experiences into your writing you give people something real, so they can see you as a person with a life and everything.

2. – Start with a bang. Don’t save much for a big finish. Start out by being pretty direct with your readers. Make your point clear. Give the main theme of your topic and mention the points you will be discussing further in the rest of the article/ post. Give them a clear picture and then give them something to make them want to read more. Save the end of your post for your conclusion – a round up of all your points and experiences.

3. – Make it visual. Bring in images to break up text. If you don’t want to use images break up the text with double spacing between paragraphs (which you should always be doing anyway), use a list format for your points or add bold to a main sentence you want to stand out and catch their attention. Avoid using the underline feature with text, it gets confused with linked text and leaves readers unsure where the real links are.

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