25 Ways To Create

25 Ways To Create Your Own Endless Channel Of Creative Inspiration | A Big Creative Yes.

I picked out three from the list. Others I like but had written about myself in one form or another. All are good ideas, ways and means of getting yourself back in the driver’s seat when it comes to your own creativity.

6. Investigate a new language and alphabet. I imagine, as you’re reading this, that you’re very familiar with English. Explore some other alphabets – some slightly different, like other European ones, and some very different like Far Eastern or Arabic ones – as a reminder that the way we communicate is not the only way. Also, some alphabets are very beautiful on a purely visual basis, which in itself will inspire.

16. Communicate with a friend without using any words. Or pictures. Each come up with a few ideas as to what you want to communicate beforehand, write them down, keep them secret, then take turns in trying to convey them. A huge reason why we create is to connect with others. And to connect with ourselves. This experiment will help you find new ways of doing that, ones you may not have considered.

19. Visualise and rehearse the most creative day of your life. What would be your dream day in terms of creating? Take some time to ponder and write about the best possible day of creativity you could have. Then look at all the aspects that are well within your power to bring into being. There’ll be more than you thought. Start putting some of them into place. Today.

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