21st Century Bohemians

The Poverty Jet Set is another name for 21st Century bohemians. A rag tag group of artists, travelers, writers and filmmakers riding the bad-ass pirate ship of life with a parrot on our shoulders and a little “yaaarrr, matey” in our cheeks.

The Poverty Jet Set is a term coined by Douglas Coupland, one of my favorite writers of all time. In his ahead-of-its-time 1991 book, Generation X, he defined the term:

A group of people given to chronic traveling at the expense of long-term job stability or a permanent residence. Tend to have doomed and extremely expensive phone call relationships with people named Serge or Ilyana. Tend to discuss frequent-flyer programs at parties.

Vagablogging– Vagabond blogging.
World Hum– Travel dispatches from a shrinking planet.
BootsnAll– Resources for the independent traveller.
Lonely Planet
Traveler’s Tales
Women traveling around the world.

Looks like the Thumbs Out site is not happening until 2008. Getting a really early start on the website though.

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