The House in Ballantrae

I know this house in Ballantrae, Ontario. I’ve never been inside, or even closer than looking from the street. There is another similar down the road but far less looked after. This house is a local treasure, to me at least. I found it on a card sold via Etsy today. It doesn’t seem to say who the artist is, might be easier to see on a larger size. Or, I could ask the Real Estate Board. But, mainly, I like seeing the house drawn as it is now. Who knows how it will be in the future. Nothing lasts forever, but houses aren’t always so lucky with being maintained. I hope this one stays lucky a long time.

These are vintage cards produced by the York Region Real Estate Board. They feature a print of a hand-drawn sketch of buildings located in Ontario.

Source: Vintage Cards of Ontario Buildings Blank Interior With | Etsy Canada