What Affect Do Cesarean Section Births Have on People in the Long Run?

A woman I know is having a baby this month, a girl. She has been told its a breech birth so they have set her up with an appointment for a Cesarean in a week and a half. Her due date was actually 3 weeks away still. So, how is this baby a breech birth three weeks before its even expected to be born? Aren’t they all breeched, or in some odd position, until labour starts and the baby moves into position to be born. That’s what I’ve heard, and read.

So, really, this baby is not a breech birth, because its still got at least three weeks to get itself into position to be born. But, it is convenient for the doctors and hospital to set the date for the birth. Most women have had enough time being pregnant by the end of it, so they aren’t likely to protest at having the baby pulled out early.

But, this means most babies are premature, born before the due date and born at a time medical people choose, not nature. Does this make a difference? I wonder. The last three generations of people in North America have been mostly born by Cesarean before they were naturally ready to be born. The last few months a baby is mainly gaining weight, but that’s not all. There is some fine tuning going on and this is a human being, not an eggplant. I do think all these early, unnaturally timed, births could be having some change to people. Medical science probably isn’t studying it, governments probably don’t think its important and most people probably aren’t thinking about it at all.

The last few generations of people are different. But, there are so many influences and causes which could be pointed out. Starting with the simple fact that times change and people change with them. But, does the Cesarean birth have something to do with all of it? It is messing with the way people are formed, before birth. If they are looking for a cause for the increase in autism, for example, what about Cesarean births? They have certainly increased too.

Last of all, what does the manufactured birth date do for something like astrology? Is your whole life put off a few degrees when you aren’t born on the day you would have been? Or does it all just adapt. If you put any faith or interest in astrology, predictions and that kind of science.

That’s my thought for the moment. I was born before Cesareans became popular. I’m glad.

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