Urban Combing and the Lost Art of Found Objects

The lost art of found objects. (It sounds great as a phrase but I don’t think beach-combing (or urban combing) has ever been lost).

Every where you go there are little things to be found. Most people would call it bits of junk. But, its all in the eye of the beholder. An assortment of bits of things found while urban combing can build a whole story, or maybe become part of a creative project.

How to Start Urban Combing

You won’t need to buy or carry around a metal detector. Keep something like a spare make up bag, a pencil case, or something smaller you can fit into your pocket or purse and use it to gather what you find. Get home and sort out (was dirt off) your findings. Make notes or start a scrapbook. Photograph the results of each excursion.

Urban combing can be a hobby, free and good for getting exercise strolling around the neighbourhood (or while travelling). Its psychogeography.

You’re not walking off with someone’s treasures just the little bits of flotsam and jetsam from urban life.

Like beach combing but in an urban setting.

Being a little land-locked, it’s not possible to go beach combing in Long Eaton and urban combing is probably the next best thing. Here are lots of bits and pieces I recovered from my garden whilst digging the mud and also a few odds and ends from my walks with the dog.

Source: Urban Combing – Allison Giguere.



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