The Idea of Road Trips with a Micro Car in Ontario

There are small cars and then there are micro cars. Not so easy to find in Ontario. You would have better luck in Europe and Asia than North America.

Although a small car is better when it comes to using fuel. They appeal to me because you use them for small trips around town, like picking up groceries, going to the post office, and so on. Also, you may not require a driver’s license for driving them. Which means less insurance, and much less expense for a vehicle overall, as far as I know. I could be wrong and it may depend on how micro the car is, how many tires it has (some have only three). The idea needs more research for Ontario. So far I haven’t turned up anything that really says much one way or another.

Isetta car
An Isetta car. This one has seen better days.

I especially like the BMW Isetta car. The door is on the front of the car. So you just step in close the front of the car and go on your way. Only one door, and not much room for passengers of course. But fine for some groceries, luggage, camera and related things you would want for a short trip somewhere.

There is something charming about a tiny car, however you use it. I could see it as a vehicle for road trips. It would be easy to pull over and photograph places, no worry about having enough space to park.

Micro North – Located in Coldwater, Ontario.

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