Save the Diary

I think it is sad to see so many personal journals disappearing. What happens to old diaries when the writers are gone? If they were a celebrity of some kind they would be kept, valued. What about the rest of us?

I read about some groups and organizations keeping journals from ordinary (for lack of a better word) people. They were keeping them as historical records, which is a good idea. The average person may not make or change history in huge or noticeable amounts, but we do take part, have our own thoughts, and make our own notes.

Have you ever found one of your old diaries, one you had thought lost? I have. What do you do with it, the unfinished and the already written pages? Do you just continue on, not minding the gap? What do you do with the journal you were already writing before you found the old journal?

It doesn’t seem like a big issue in the achene of things. But, some of these little things do matter, sort of.

I just continue on, posting to whichever book until one or the other is full. Then finish filling up the other one. I date my entries. If anyone does ever find and read them, they can figure it out. Chances are, no one will. So, don’t feel you have to be a strict self-archivist. Write as you please.

But, consider saving your diary/ journal. You never know, you could be famous posthumously.

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