Mental Slavery and Human Batteries

Mental slavery is a term I noticed, posted to Twitter this week. Something about people choosing to go along with brain washing or choosing not to really think too hard about anything and just let themselves be used as per herd mentality. Something like that. I’m kind of tired and not really feeling enough passion/ vibrance to write. The world is a very discouraging place. Everyone is just supposed to think as the government/ media wants us to think. Anything less is discouraged. Not even so much by the government or media, or whatever controls both. Peer pressure has become so strong whatever source all of this came from, they can just stand back in the dimly lit corners and let it all wash over the world without help.

Zack, my nephew, wrote about a video game he played with Chris. I asked and he explained the game is “specifically designed for co-op where you play as two parents trying to get divorced. They get transformed into dolls who then have to work together to undo it” Ok, so just a game… But, it heavily promotes the idea that divorce is bad, wrong, etc. Isn’t this a soft method of controlling how people think?

Some people are protesting about the lockdowns but most think all of this mental slavery, brain washing, whatever you choose to call it, just started with Covid. As if it is all something new. This means so many other things have swept past them unnoticed, uncommented upon. The issue isn’t new. The Covid panic and lockdowns are just another step, another link in this chain of events.

When did it start? I don’t think I am old enough to see the start and too old to see where it will finish. Eventually it will finish, one way or place or another. What is the point of it all? Power, control, economics? A lot of words are shuffled around but people don’t seem to think or understand any of them any more. Even the people starting to think are not seeing a very big picture.

The only part of the Matrix movie I really remember, the part that has stuck in my mind, is the character played by Keanu Reeves waking up to realize he has been a human battery for the machines now running and in control of everything. I know it seems so far afield. But, it just keeps lurking around in the back of my mind, how far fetched is it? Each time I think its just not likely, next it is back again, making me wonder.

In a world for machines, what would they need? Just enough life to keep the planet healthy, so some animals, plants, etc. Humans aren’t necessary and likely to be a detriment more than a plus. Without humans to entertain so many businesses would be unnecessary, like restaurants, religion, so many of the things being closed down due to lockdowns. Is it a coincidence. It must be, right? But, apparently, humans do make good batteries and machines would need power, of that kind, more than any other resource.

However far off the rails this idea is, there is still the thing about mental slavery. Freedom of speech, freedom to gather, freedom to travel, and etc are gone. Freedom of speech seems to be a term, like a flag they fly, when they want to condone being rude to each other. It’s ok to beat someone verbally because we have freedom of speech. But, don’t say something we don’t agree with, you have no freedom to say anything we don’t like and you will be pressured to conform. Like a good little battery.

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