Mad Science with Robots

Have you ever seen fights of engineering with remote controlled robots? There are TV shows like Robot Wars and Battle Bots. Robot Wars talks more about the engineering and construction of the robots.

Understanding how the height, or complete flatness being low to the ground works. Figuring out whether a swinging blade of some kind works to fend off other bots. Or, something to help reset it when it gets tipped over in the fight. How to keep it mobile when other bots slash at its tires.

There is a lot of science in building a robot, especially one designed to fight other robots.

People who build and battle robots in Ontario.

Bot Brawl – Ontario robot fighting league. Planning to have events in 2021.(Old site, Bot Brawl and a Facebook link).

Robot Riots – Toronto based robot fight club, but the site seems abandoned since 2005.

I found this image on a free wallpaper site but I don’t know who the original artist is. Of course, this is not practical for actual robot fighting. This looks fabulous as an image but would not work well against remote controlled robots so carefully and cleverly engineered for combat. Cosmetic, not so well with function.

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