Elvira, Mistress of the Dark Movie Macabre

I started typing in this post and then the Internet decided to die. Usually, the post would manage to be saved as a draft, this one didn’t make it. So, although it only matters to me, this post is being written a second time around. Kind of right when thinking of Cassandra Peterson, better known as her character, Elvira. She wasn’t finding huge success in movies and TV, until she became Elvira. A reinvention of herself from her career and personal life.

I had thought she was a Vegas showgirl who found a better career path, until I read more about her. She started liking the horror genre as a young person due to being burned and left scarred as a toddler. She was a showgirl, but also acted in movies, modelled, etc. At the time she started as Elvira she had been working in an office, typing, filing, all of that. Her story is inspiring for those who think they’re just going to become forgotten in some mediocre job.

Elvira comes back into media attention at Halloween, for the month of October issues of this and that. It’s too bad but, good for her marketing to have a schedule and maybe she can take some of the year off for planning and even sleeping. Cassandra Peterson is no slouch, good posture and clever merchandising. Whatever you think of the Elvira character and her cleavage, the woman has taken a small part as a horror movie host and turned it into her own empire. Instead of pay raises, she built up her ownership of Elvira and all things connected with it. Fan art may be ok, but she has 100% ownership of her image and all the goodies. There are a lot of goodies, take a look at her site and others to see Elvira on games, comic books, movies, dolls, mobile phones cases, clothing, food products, pretty much anything you can think of, Amanda Peterson’s Elvira has been there.

I found an Elvira Christmas ornament. It’s cute but odd to have no eyes, or blank eyes, however you look at it.